After a visit to a car museum 35 years ago, our 8 year old son told his father and grandfather that he would like to have an old car as well. That was all it took to start the search for an antique car. Our first purchase was a 1923 Model T Ford Touring car. We enjoyed the car for about two years before the whole family decided on a total restoration. We learned, as most people, by doing . After many, many hours (years) of quality family time we still have a car of which we are truly proud. Since then we have purchased and restored a 1915 Model T Ford Pick-up and a 1923 Ford Center Door. Our son and daughter are now grown with Model T’s of their own. Our son built a 1915 Model T Speedster and our daughter a 1911 Model T Torpedo. As most antique car enthusiasts, we began collecting parts since we purchased the first car. With 30 years of running my own hardware store behind me, I understand the importance of customer service and quality merchandise. This philosophy will be the hallmark of Totally T's.